About Us

What to do in this rainy weather? Find shelter and sensational excitement at 7D Cinema! This is a live shot from the Kennedy Shopping Centre in Belfast. See you soon.

Trying to find something fun to do today?

Come and visit us in the Kennedy Shopping Centre! We’ll help you escape from the rain and transport you to some adorable new places!

7D Simulator Cinema. First in Northern Ireland. Feel it, Try it, Discover a new sensation!

7D Simulator Cinema, The Kennedy Centre, 564– 568 Falls Rd, Belfast, BT11 9AE, Tel: 078 74 600 822

Super awesome 7D simulator cinema rides, 5-20 min movies, discover a new adventure. Be one of the first in Ireland. 7D Simulator Cinema is a friendly, fun, vibrant attraction with the exciting 7D movie experience. Our six-seat moving platform will throw you right into the movie. With 3D, water sprinkles, vibration, smoke, bubbles, wind effects, aroma, leg ticklers and even real snow. So whether you’re fighting off dinosaurs, travelling into zombie infested worlds or taking a roller-coaster through the jungle we’ve got something for you! Try it, feel it, discover a new sensation! aboutUs