7D Simulator Cinema

Feel it! Try it!! Discover a new sensation.

In virtual reality the latest technology can be seen in 7D simulator cinema. You will not only watch it but also become a fragment of the movie.

When you will enjoy any movie with the 3D interactive glasses, you will sense what you are watching. This is because the simulator platform will movie as per the incident happening on the screen. To add to this, there are more than seven hilarious effects installed there to make you feel the real incident of what you are watching. This is the one and only simulator in the world which has movements that are unbeatable. This state of the art simulator will help you have the rollercoaster riding feeling too.

There will be no session times… just walk in, firstly select you preferred ride and you will be seat in the next available session. The short movie rides take around 5 to 10 minutes and are quite intense.

Haven’t attempted it so far? Just have you step and experience the 7D cinema thrill for yourself: it will suitable for every age and too much pleasure for the whole family.

Real Snow, Water Sprinkles, Burbles, Smoke, Aroma, Wind, Strobe Lights, Fire Simulator, Moving Seats

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